Joint Pain Treatment in Jaipur

Do you experience pain, stiffness, and swelling in joints? You might be suffering from arthritis and looking for the best arthritis pain treatment in Jaipur. Arthritis is one of the most commonly found types of joint pain which significantly impacts mobility and can occur in people of all age groups including children and adults. The symptoms of arthritis gradually develop and can vary from day to day and week to week. Further, particular kinds of arthritis such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are long term conditions that can adversely impact the quality of life. But our experienced pain management specialists can help patients manage conditions like arthritis through the right treatment approach.

According to our pain specialists providing joint pain treatment in Jaipur, joint pain can be caused due to an injury that potentially affects the bursae, ligaments, and tendons surrounding the joint. Not only this, but severe injuries like accidents and trauma can also affect the cartilage bones within the joint. The joint pain can be reflected in several ways and is one of the most common reasons for the knee, shoulder, and ankle pain. Identifying the primary symptoms associated with joint pain help our pain management experts to cure the conditions of the patient to some extent. Some of the symptoms include redness, tenderness, and swelling of the joints, limping, weakness, and stiffness of joints, along with locking of the joint that results in loss of range of motion of the joint.

Get Arthritis and Cancer pain treatment in Jaipur from our experienced pain management specialist

Joint inflammation and chronic pain conditions not only give rise to joint diseases like osteoarthritis, arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis but can also be a cause of the cancer of the joint. In such conditions, patients approach our pain experts for the best cancer pain treatment in Jaipur. Furthermore, cancer caused in different body parts can also cause pain that can be severe, mild, and long-lasting. When pain medicines are not able to offer desired relief, we adopt non-surgical and non-drug procedures such as radiation therapy, nerve blocks, and implant pumps. The nerve blocks can be permanent or temporary and can provide relief from painful conditions to some extent. Apart from this, surgical procedure is done on the tumor to remove a part if it is pressing the nerves or other body parts.

Our pain management doctor providing treatment for joint pain in Jaipur uses conservative and minimally invasive interventions to cure different types of pain to provide comfort to the patients. Having an active lifestyle can help in keeping weight under control as excessive body weight is one of the primary causes of knee joint pain. Moreover, excess body weight increases the chances of a person getting affected by diseases like osteoarthritis. In addition to this, our doctors also recommend that people suffering from joint pain should do regular exercise as it not only enhances mobility but also keeps the muscles around the joint strong and stabilized

Physical and Occupational therapy plays a great role in treating the diverse kinds of pain including cancer pain. The core purpose behind undertaking these therapies is to enhance the strength and mobility of the patient through a series of exercises decided to treat the specific condition of the patient. Further, our pain management doctors and therapists with the help of occupational therapy enables patients to learn to perform their routine activities in a manner that does not aggravate their pain. Light aerobic activities can be of great help in treating chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis.

The best treatment for arthritis pain in Jaipur can be provided when the patient is fully aware of the condition and the future risks associated with it. This will help our pain specialist to adopt the right treatment approach which can involve the combination of various pain management techniques such as medications, therapies, exercises, and surgical procedures in most severe conditions. Apart from this, diet also plays a vital role in overcoming health conditions like arthritis as the right nutrition and diet can strengthen your bones and joints. All these pain management measures can help patients in improving their quality of life.

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